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What Is OSB?

UPDATED April 2, 2018

P.O. Box 1792
Euless, TX 76039
Phone or FAX: 817-510-6223
E-mail: joeosbpres1955@gmail.com

OVERSEAS BRATS is an organization and magazine for those associated with American Overseas schools designed to serve the needs of thousands of "Overseas Brats."

Since April 8, 1986, OVERSEAS BRATS has been making the dream become a reality for those associated with overseas schools who are looking for former friends and classmates through a number of ways:
  • Serving as a central reference point for those associated with overseas schools and providing them information on how to find friends and classmates, and assisting them where possible with those that went to school abroad.
  • Actively seeking everyone associated with overseas schools as former elementary, junior high, high school and college students and alumni, educators and others associated with the schools through an ongoing international marketing campaign using the media and the Internet.
  • Helping more than 240 overseas alumni groups representing 178 schools in 56 countries with their alumni organizations and reunion activities.
  • Sharing the unique story of who we all are as "Overseas Brats" through our magazine "OVERSEAS BRATS".
  • Creating opportunities for those associated with American overseas schools to meet and share their unique heritage.
Since 1986, we've found more than 20,000 people. Each week we find 20-40 new people.

Join us now and get involved with a dynamic organization and publication and a unique group of Americans "with a special heritage" who are renewing old friendships and making new friends at reunions and OVERSEAS BRATS functions. We'd like to get to know you, hear about your experiences, and help with your quest!

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Who Started OSB?

OVERSEAS BRATS was started by Joe Condrill, a journalist, reunion planner, and marketing/public relations consultant.

He attended the following overseas schools:

Boeblingen Elementary School, Boeblingen (Stuttgart), Germany, 1963-65 (3rd and 4th grades).

Orleans Elementary School, Orleans, France, 1965-66 (5th grade).

Kaimuki Intermediate School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1968-69 (8th grade).

Maryknoll High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1969-70 (freshman year).

The International School of Bangkok, Thailand, 1970-72 (sophmore and junior years).

The Tehran American School, Iran, 1972-73 (senior year).

Please send questions or comments to Joe Condrill at joeosbpres1955@gmail.com
Updated May 2, 2021
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