ALL Brats event in 2022!

 The DC Metro Gathering,
August 18-21, 2022
at the

Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport
Herndon, VA



*The numbers
*What is making this event very special?

*Some favorite memories of past gatherings.

The numbers.
   At this time:
44 Are registered representing
56 Bases/schools/communities

What is making this event VERY special?
*This event involves/welcomes ALL Brats from whenever/wherever!

*This gathering is exclusively run by Brats.  These include 2 Army Brats, 2 Air Force Brats, 1 Navy Brat (aka as a Junior), and 1 ‘Exchange’ (as in Base/Post Exchange) Brat.  Two of these Brats are married to each other.  One of these Brats married a Brat.

*3 of these Brats served in the military themselves. (One Air Force retiree, one USAF veteran, and one Coast Guard veteran.)

*No other event embraces ALL the Brat community.

*Some bases/communities/schools use this event to hold get-togethers.  Among those showing the most activity thus far are:  Frankfurt, HH Arnold/Wiesbaden, Orleans, and Paris.

*This event has a theme.  This year we are celebrating the American revolution (complete with a tour to Mount Vernon)

*This event DOESN’T have guest speakers NOR will you find a head table here!   Why?  Because ALL Brats participating ARE the guest speakers in their own right – you can’t compete with that!

*4 great mini-courses are being offered:

“Bratman Returns” (A topic where all Brats are welcomed and knowledge about things of interest to Brats is shared.)

“Digging Your Roots” (A session about seeking out how Brats can dig into their family backgrounds.)

“Building Best Brat Friendships Forever” (What are the characteristics that truly make us stand  out as Brats and how do we attract Brats to be apart of our support network?)

“58,000” (A Brats role with the Vietnam Memorial!)

*This event begins with hellos and ends with Brugs (Brat-hugs).

*Army Brat Rick O’Connell who also is a recording artist – was SO impressed by the gathering he wrote a song and produced a video about it!  "The Gathering OSB" video by Rick Connell. See

*Activities at this event are designed in making it a meaningful/interesting/fun happening event.

Some favorite memories of past gatherings.

    1988 = While we were having our event in St. Louis, Actress Patricia O’Neal was present.  When told who we were – she came out of a hotel gift shop and spent an hour with us!

    1993 = We had just finished one of our dinners and programs on the deck of a hotel facing the Atlantic Ocean in Melbourne, FL – when a thunderstorm chased us indoors!

    2001 = 9-11 had just happened six weeks before the gathering happened in Colorado Springs and the decision was made to go ON with the event.  Only one Brat cancelled because of 9-11!


    WARNING:  This event is designed to enhance your life as a Brat!  You just might get empowered enough after attending it to want to play a role in future gatherings!

     New positive memories await ALL Brats coming to the DC Metro Gathering!

     Join us!!!!  Visit: .


                                   Joe/OVERSEAS BRATS

Updated 5/3/2022

It all started as a dream!


Brat Friends,


LONG before there was Facebook and the Facebook group, and LONG before there was the internet – there was OVERSEAS BRATS.


The date was April 8, 1986.   That was the founding date of OVERSEAS BRATS (OSB).


At the time – I wasn’t aware that then-Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger had declared April the month of the Military Child.  And of course this was all before the activity on the internet and Facebook which now really focuses on April being ‘our month’ as Brats.


How did it start off – I approached the different military publications about us and some of our unique stories in the hopes we could find more of ‘our’ people.  They all came back and said they weren’t interested.   So I sent out a notice to those Brats I was in touch with that maybe we should create or organization to serve the needs of all Brats, whenever/wherever they were.


Within a few months time, hundreds of Brats wanted to join and get involved.   In a few years that was a few thousand.  This includes ALL who were Brats, our Parents & our Educators!


Initially the plan was to publish a publication to update everyone.  Then in 1994 with the advent of the internet – our outreach expanded.   And since 2009 into Social Media.


Today – 36 years later – the mission remains the same: 

  • Uniting Brats;

  • Educating the Brat community about various aspects of our heritage that make us unique;

  • Publicizing who we are to the civilian and military media;

  • Creating Brat-friendly events to bring the Brat community together;

  • Sharing ‘our’ story through our publications; 

  • Seeking out Brats who share our vision to help enhance the organization;

  • Recognizing Brats in a variety of ways through our publications and events;


      Our publication is now published three times annually.  Visit: . NEW members we send recent copies of our publication and a bumper sticker to proclaim their heritage.  Also at: see the GREAT Brat event coming up!


Where can we get YOU involved?


Have a terrific day!

                                       Brugs (Brat-hugs!)

                                       Joe/OVERSEAS BRATS

Updated 4/9/2022

OVERSEAS BRATS is an organization and magazine for those associated with American Overseas schools designed to serve the needs of thousands of "Overseas Brats."  Since April 8, 1986, OVERSEAS BRATS has been making the dream become a reality for those associated with overseas schools who are looking for former friends and classmates through a number of ways:
  • Serving as a central reference point for those associated with overseas schools and providing them information on how to find friends and classmates, and assisting them where possible with those that went to school abroad.
  • Actively seeking everyone associated with overseas schools as former elementary, junior high, high school and college students and alumni, educators and others associated with the schools through an ongoing international marketing campaign using the media and the Internet.
  • Helping more than 240 overseas alumni groups representing 178 schools in 56 countries with their alumni organizations and reunion activities.
  • Sharing the unique story of who we all are as "Overseas Brats" through our magazine "OVERSEAS BRATS".
  • Creating opportunities for those associated with American overseas schools to meet and share their unique heritage.
Since 1986, we've found more than 20,000 people. Each week we find 20-40 new people.

OVERSEAS BRATS was started by Joe Condrill, a journalist, reunion planner, and marketing/public relations consultant.  He attended the following overseas schools:

  • Boeblingen Elementary School, Boeblingen (Stuttgart), Germany, 1963-65 (3rd and 4th grades).
  • Orleans Elementary School, Orleans, France, 1965-66 (5th grade).
  • Kaimuki Intermediate School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1968-69 (8th grade).
  • Maryknoll High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1969-70 (freshman year).
  • The International School of Bangkok, Thailand, 1970-72 (sophmore and junior years).
  • The Tehran American School, Iran, 1972-73 (senior year).

Join us now and get involved with a dynamic organization and publication and a unique group of Americans "with a special heritage" who are renewing old friendships and making new friends at reunions and OVERSEAS BRATS functions. We'd like to get to know you, hear about your experiences, and help with your quest!

Please send questions or comments to

P.O. Box 1792
Euless, TX 76039
Phone or FAX: 817-510-6223

Updated April 9, 2022
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